Agbogbloshie – A Toxic E-Wasteland



Often times I find that clients prefer to buy new computers rather than pay for costly repairs on old, broken computers.

And who could blame them? When you consider the low cost of buying a new laptop or printer, buying a new device and tossing out the old one is an easy decision for most people.

But the decision of how best to dispose of old devices should not be made lightly, as improper disposal of electronic waste (e-waste) has extremely harmful effects on the environment – particularly in developing countries.

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Obama Promises “Tech Surge” To Aid Failing Site

Why did the tech-savvy Obama administration launch a busted healthcare website?


In a blog post yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services laid out many of the technical problems that have plagued the website. To improve it all, HHS is promising a “tech surge” that will involved outside consultants joining the existing team to fix problems.

But the more we learn about the development of, the worse the situation looks. The site has been serving myriad errors since it launched, including preventing users from creating accounts, failing to recognize users who do have accounts, putting users in inescapable loops, and miscalculating healthcare subsidies. While the administration is claiming a 50 percent reduction in wait times after adding new servers, other serious issues persist.

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Sharing Safely in Social Media

Don’t trust that your phone or tablet is a secure device which no one else can get into. Always stop and think before taking a picture or typing a message.


Everyday there are new stories about people over-sharing. Whether online with sites like Facebook and Twitter, or by using their phones and tablets with apps like Snapchat and Vine, people are putting their content out into the digital wild before considering the possible consequences.

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My (Upgraded) Touchscreen Laptop

(Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with ASUS or Samsung. I just really like their products, and want to share them with you!)

A few months ago, I needed to buy a new laptop. After considering all of the options, I decided to get a new Windows 8 touchscreen laptop from one of my favorite manufacturers, ASUS. Here’s my review of the computer hardware and software:

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Is There Anyone Listening In? A Primer on Mobile and Internet Security


The media revelations of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and others have been highly publicized over the past month. Unfortunately often times the media is more concerned with ratings and readership than with accurate and detailed information. This article will serve as part one of a three part exploration of phone use and data transfer, the ability of agencies to intercept and record these activities, and the likely future of the technology involved.

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Technophilia and Technophobia: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Tecnophilia and Technophobia

Recently I received two different questions that, while seemingly very different, are in fact simply different sides of the same ideological coin. The first question was the deceptively simple “which tablet is best?” The second question I got was “How soon will it be before the whole internet crashes and society is totally destroyed?”.

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Goodbye Apple, Hello Samsung – Why I’m Ditching My iPhone

My trusty old iPhone 3GS is beginning to show it’s age, and I’ve been considering a replacement. I could buy Apple’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5. But the more I compare it to other devices on the market, the more I ask myself: have Apple’s mobile products lost their innovative, competitive edge? Perhaps more importantly, I have to wonder: is the iPhone still cool?


When I decided to buy my first smartphone back in late 2009, I wanted to get the best device on the market: at the time, I decided that device was the iPhone 3GS.

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Customer Relationship Management: A Social Network in a Box


There’s way more to strong, effective branding than designing a memorable logo, and then advertising it everywhere.

Developing a relationship with the public, and then carefully building that relationship over time, is the most essential part of any successful brand management strategy. As the manager of the Silverleaf brand, I’m always looking for creative ways to reach out to the public in a positive manner: so I set out to build my own “customer relationship management” (CRM) system!

In this blog post, I’ll explore some of the success (and failures) I’ve experienced in my quest to develop the perfect CRM solution.

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