Email Etiquette Guidelines – Best Practices

When the use of email became common in the early 90s, the business world changed. Email now takes up a significant portion of our workday: one study shows that workers spend 28 percent of their workweek reading and answering email.

While we try to work faster and more efficiently, we must not forget the social rules that accompany any form of communication. Here are some of the dos and don’ts of email etiquette and email best practices.

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How to Spot a Phishing Email: Tips and Examples

Antivirus Software Isn’t 100% Effective

You probably already know that installing an antivirus software program and keeping it up to date is a critical step in protecting your computer. This essential software uses virus signatures provided by software vendors to look for malware and stop it before it infects your PC (or Mac).


What you may not be aware of is that antivirus software does not offer total protection against malware infection. In fact, today’s malware authors will often use widely-available crypting services to ensure that their malware is completely undetectable by the majority of the antivirus software on the market.

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Stream for Success: Optimizing Your Internet & Wi-Fi Connections

Nowadays more and more people are consuming entertainment through Internet-based streaming services rather than through traditional cable/satellite television service.

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4 Tips to Improve Your Cyber Security

Cyber security, also referred to as information technology security, is the act of protecting data and information systems from unauthorized access, unlawful modification and disruption, disclosure, corruption, and destruction.

Implementing good security practices doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, however. This blog post focuses on a few easy ways that you can improve your cyber security.

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DDoS Attacks: Securing Your Connected Home and IoT Devices

By now, chances are you’ve probably heard about the massive cyber attack against a major U.S. internet company that occurred on Friday, October 21, 2016.

The DDoS attack brought down large parts of the web and was one of the biggest on record. Now many people are now asking: who was responsible?

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Buying a New Computer: a Guide (Updated)

Buying a computer is no easy task, and with the cost of many of the machines out on the market today, you want to make sure you’re making the right purchase so you don’t blow your money on something that stops working for you within a year.

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Protecting Your Accounts With a Secure Password Manager



If you’re the kind of person who constantly resets passwords and usernames, recycles the same password you’ve been using for the past seven years, and struggles with tracking password changes on hand-written notes or spreadsheets, then it’s time for a serious upgrade. You need a password management tool. Continue reading “Protecting Your Accounts With a Secure Password Manager”

Don’t Be A Target (or a Sony): Information Security Review


ABOVE: A photo of a screen showing what is apparently the skull splash page that appeared on Sony company computers when the attack started, posted by someone who said he was a former Sony employee who was sent the image by current Sony employees. The image was first posted on Reddit.

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Removing Admin Rights to Protect Yourself from Malware Infection


Microsoft published 147 vulnerabilities in 2013 that were rated as Critical. Critical, however, is a relative term, and there is one simple thing anyone can do that would guard against almost every single Critical vulnerability according to a new report from Avecto: remove admin rights.

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