Dental Office Software Upgrade

Client Name: Dr. R.
Service Details: Business client, on-site consult, on-site/remote project
Problem and Request: A dental practice with 20 workstations and a legacy practice management software application needed some extra help. We met with the doctor to learn more about his IT environment, discover tech pain points, and help determine which technology solutions could contribute to his immediate and long term business goals.

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NAS Shared Storage for Home Office

Client Name: Shelley S.
Service Details: Business client, on-site support
Problem and Request: A home based business with a legacy CAD (computer-aided design) application needed to replace their old computers with new desktop PCs, and was looking for a better shared storage solution and network upgrade.

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Business Network Troubleshoot and Security Audit

Client Name: Frank A.
Service Details: Business client, on-site consult, on-site support
Problem and Request: Client needed help with network connection problems, printing, FileMaker Pro, backups, anti-virus, and access controls for staff members for a local dance studio.

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Google Apps for Executive Assistant and Boss

Client Name: Veronika K.
Service Details: Business client, on-site consult, on-site support, remote support, remote consult
Problem and Request: Client is an executive assistant that needed help with keeping her boss’s personal and business affairs organized, secured, and easy to use. The status quo of using a mix of personal Gmail and iCloud accounts was difficult to work with, fragmented, and insecure.

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Bringing the WOW Customer Experience to IT (Part 1)


For the past five years I’ve been living a double life. In addition to working on my IT consulting and computer support business, I’ve also worked for Trader Joe’s as a Merchant (which is sort of like being a pirate ship-themed assistant store manager who delivers “WOW Customer Experience”).

Recently, I decided to quit my “day” job at TJ’s to pursue an IT career full time. It was a tough decision that I’d been debating for a long, long time, but finally I took the plunge.

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Welcome to AB Computers

Being the sole owner/operator of Silverleaf gets lonely sometimes. Though I like solving complex technical problems and the challenge of running a business, what I really love is working with people.

This past year, I’ve been exploring career options that would allow me to work with a team of IT pros. So when the opportunity to work as a technician at a local computer repair shop came up, I decided to apply – and was hired for the job.

This is the story of my experience at that job.

(Names and identifying details in this post have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.)

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They’re Not Searching; They’re Going to Yelp


“When people want to find a place to go to dinner, they’re not searching; they’re going to Yelp.

– Steve Jobs, Apple Chairman and CEO (April 8, 2010)

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