Don’t Be A Target (or a Sony): Information Security Review


ABOVE: A photo of a screen showing what is apparently the skull splash page that appeared on Sony company computers when the attack started, posted by someone who said he was a former Sony employee who was sent the image by current Sony employees. The image was first posted on Reddit.

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Homeland Security advises disabling Java

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued several official warnings to the public this past week, advising users to disable or uninstall Java software on their computers.

(Read the US-CERT Statement here)

The warning comes after reports from computer security experts were released, stating that hundreds of millions of business and consumer users are vulnerable to a serious flaw in the software.

Despite a recent “patch” released by Oracle to fix the problem, Homeland Security officials continue to advise people to not use Java.

It’s not uncommon for the U.S. government — or any other government agency — to advise against security threats, but rarely does an agency actively warn to disable software; rather they offer advice to mitigate such threats or potential attacks, such as updating software on their systems.

Unless you absolutely need Java installed on your system, it’s probably a good idea to disable or uninstall Java immediately, just to be on the safe side.