Flappy Bird, And Other Marvels of Modern Technology


The media is understandably drawn to stories which immediately grab the attention of potential readers. This can involve salacious stories of the antics of celebrities and politicians, or the simplification of complex international conflicts.

Stories which feature vast sums of money or riches made quickly and effortlessly always make for great headlines and good reading, as the average person vicariously envisions themselves suddenly and miraculously achieving great wealth.

Such was the case recently with the mobile game Flappy Bird.

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Apple, Google, Microsoft: Follow the Money

What is the difference between Apple, Google, and Microsoft? The “Big Three” tech companies, while in competition with each other in various segments, each have their own distinct financial profile: the best way to understand the differences between these three publicly traded companies is to look at the detailed reports each is required to file every quarter.

Here’s the breakdown, using the segments that each company uses to define how its business is organized:

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