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Reviewing guidelines: don’t get filtered!

All potential reviewers should know that Yelp uses “recommendation software” that automatically allows/blocks reviews from the Yelp community. Sometimes, the software will filter and block a perfectly legitimate review – don’t let this happen to YOUR review!

There are four basic steps you can take to ensure that your review stays online and UN-filtered (in order of importance):

1. Profile Image – upload a photo to use as your Profile Image.
2. Number of Reviews – write more than 1 review, for more than 1 business.
3. Photos Submissions – upload photos to pages of businesses that you’ve reviewed.
4. Number of Friends – find others on Yelp and add them as friends.

Setting a profile image and writing more than 1 review requires very little time, and has a significant impact on the likelihood of your reviews being visible. After that, uploading business photos (if available) is important. The number of Yelp friends you have matters as well, but doesn’t outweigh the other factors.

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Nearly 50% of our new business clients say that they found us on Yelp (the rest come from referrals and word-of-mouth). They frequently mention the quantity and quality of our reviews as deciding factors when considering to hire us as their new IT service provider.

That’s why we ask all of our clients to share their experience with Silverleaf by writing a review. Your review helps others who may be struggling to find reliable business IT support – and it helps us earn new business!

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