Our Stack (Technology Partners)

Silverleaf relies on first-rate hardware, software, and services. Our modern “technology stack” enables delivery of our services at a high level of reliability (over 99% up-time), thanks to the help of trusted vendors who share our commitment to security, transparency, and customer service.

Support & Billing

Zendesk provides customer service and engagement products that are powerful and flexible, including the popular Zendesk Support ticketing system (our main customer-facing app).

QuickBooks is a popular, easy to use app by Intuit. We use the app for billing, invoicing, and secure payment processing integrated via Intuit Merchant Services.

Remote Access & Security

LogMeIn has the best remote access software – period. We use the robust Central RMM suite for computer inventory, alerting, and fastest resolution of customer tech problems.

LastPass (owned by LogMeIn) provides a safe, simple way to manage passwords for your business – and a secure method for controlling our access to your sensitive admin passwords.


Microsoft sets the business computing standards in operating systems (Windows), desktop apps (Outlook, Excel, Word), cloud (Office 365, Azure), and more. We support all Microsoft systems.

Google offers many free products for consumers, like Gmail and Search. We use their business products including Analytics for website tracking and G Suite for email.


Ubiquiti Networks makes enterprise-grade networking products (UniFi) that are affordable for small business. From management controllers to firewalls & wireless systems, UniFi has advanced security controls and enables quick troubleshooting of network problems at all of our customer sites.

Dell has provided PC desktop, laptop, and server hardware since 1984. The company is one of the largest technological corporations in the world, employing more than 145,000 people in the U.S. and around the world. Our clients prefer Dell computers because they are reliable and have a good warranty.

Other hardware, software, & services we use

More Information

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