Microsoft Office 365 & Google G-Suite

Modern email, contacts, calendar, and storage apps.

Microsoft Office 365 and Google G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) are competing suites of productivity tools that let you perform common business tasks ‘in the cloud’.

Both suites of products allow you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations and collaborate with team members whilst doing so; they also provide video conferencing functionality, business-branded email service, shared contacts, team calendars, and secure cloud storage.

Why let Silverleaf manage your O365 or G-Suite tenant?

Experience with both platforms. Some clients like the familiarity of the Google platform, while others prefer Microsoft’s robust suite of cloud and desktop software. We can help you decide which platform is right for you, and we can manage your existing tenant if you’re already set up.

Perfect for small business. Thanks to the cloud, you don’t need to build and maintain complex on-premises servers to enjoy powerful enterprise tools. Both G-Suite and Office 365 give your business access to enterprise-grade email, shared storage, and perfectly synced-up contacts and calendars for your whole team. Because the apps run in a web browser, they are equally suited for Windows PC or Mac-based offices.

Real time collaboration. A huge advantage of working in the cloud is the collaboration possibilities it opens up. Instead of struggling with markup and ‘tracking changes’, people who want to work on the same file can simply open up a document in a browser and see, in real time, the edits that everybody looking at the file is making. Both Google and Microsoft platforms have this capability.

Migrate from your old email provider. If you’re still using a personal email address (,, etc) for your business, or you feel stuck with an inferior webmail hosting provider, now is a great time to migrate your inbox messages to a high-quality Google or Microsoft server. We can help ensure that all of your email messages and folders are correctly moved (migrated) to the provider of your choice.

Domain name setup. Don’t have a custom domain name (i.e. for you business? No problem – we can help you register a domain name and configure it to use with your new Google or Microsoft-powered email addresses, or set up your existing domain name for use with a new business branded email address.

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