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Make sure your review is not filtered out

Yelp uses recommendation software developed by their engineers to recommend reviews from the Yelp community. The software looks at dozens of different signals, including various measures of quality, reliability, and activity on Yelp.

Sometimes, the software will filter (i.e. NOT recommend) a legitimate review.

One study found four main factors in play that definitely have some sway on whether a review is filtered. The ranking of these four variables in terms of importance are:

1. Profile Image – upload a photo to use as your Profile Image.
2. Photos Submissions – upload photos to pages of businesses that you’ve reviewed.
3. Number of Reviews – write more than 1 review!
4. Number of Friends – find others on Yelp and add them as friends.

Setting a profile image and uploading a couple photos of a business requires very little time, and the study indicates that these have a significant impact on the likelihood of a review being visible. After that, the quantity of reviews is very important, but the magical threshold where you’re almost guaranteed to not be filtered is fairly high—around 6 to 9 reviews. The number of friends matters as well, but doesn’t outweigh the factors above (and for users who aren’t inclined to socialize on Yelp, it’s going to be tough to convince them to do otherwise).

In summary, the filtering algorithm is MORE likely to block the reviews of users who are INACTIVE in the Yelp community. For example, if you’ve never been on Yelp before and then decide to create an account and write a total of 1 review for only 1 business, and after that you don’t do anything else on Yelp, the filtering algorithm will likely tag your review as written by an inactive user and then block it.

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