PRIME I.T. for Business

Get fast & reliable tech support, professional hardware & software management, and advanced security & protection for your business for a low monthly premium – and no hidden fees.

Silverleaf PRIME I.T. for Business includes:

Tech Support & Help Desk
PRIME I.T. clients and end-users have full access to our Tech Support & Help Desk services, which include:
  • Remote Support: A technician accesses a user’s computer over an Internet connection to do one-on-one troubleshooting & remediation.
  • On-Site Support: A technician visits your business location to do troubleshooting & remediation.
  • Email, phone, & chat support: No matter which channel you choose, an agent will respond to your request quickly.
  • Response Time Service Level Agreement (SLA): Our agents will respond to all requests within our SLA-designated time limit.
Tech Support & Help Desk services are included in your monthly premium.
Network Maintenance & Management
Sleep tight knowing that your critical IT systems are being cared for 24/7 with our Network Maintenance & Management services, which include:
  • Anti-virus & malware protection: We make sure that your computer desktop and laptop workstations are safeguarded from malware and other threats.
  • Software Updates & Patch Management: Our technicians regularly monitor for out-of-date systems, and deploy software patches and updates for maximum compatibility and security.
  • Full Inventory of Hardware & Software: Our advanced inventory software keeps accurate records of your IT infrastructure, software licensing, hardware warranties, and critical administrator passwords.
  • Secure Password Management & Auditing: We follow security best practices when accessing your critical systems and data, and keep full auditing trails and access records.
  • Strategic Consulting & Planning: Our account managers can help you plan upgrades for your critical IT systems.
Network Maintenance & Management services are included in your monthly premium.
NEW: Tech Stack Rewards (SAVE UP TO 20%)
Tech Stack Rewards discounts are available to clients who invest in our recommended hardware, software, and technology services “stack”:
  • RMM: Save 1.5% on your monthly premium for implementing our remote management & maintenance (RMM) software on all company computers.
  • Identity: Save 4.5% on your monthly premium for for implementing our recommended identity & email solution for all of your company’s users.
  • Network: Save 5.5% on your monthly premium for implementing our recommended network hardware & software solution on your company’s network.
  • OS: Save 8.5% on your monthly premium for implementing our recommended operating system (OS) software on all company computers.
Save up to 20% on your monthly premium
NEW: Client Trust Rewards (SAVE UP TO 30%)
Client Trust Rewards discounts are available to clients who meet special eligibility requirements:
  • Delegated Admin: Save 3.0% on your monthly premium for providing us with usernames/passwords for all critical IT systems.
  • Client Loyalty: Save 5.0% on your monthly premium if you have been a continuous PRIME I.T. client for a year or longer.
  • Minimum Users: Save 10.0% on your monthly premium if your company has ten (10) or more registered users.
  • 12-Month Term: Save 12.0% on your monthly premium if your company signs an agreement with a twelve (12) month term.
Save up to 30% on your monthly premium.

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Frequently Asked Questions: PRIME I.T.

What is PRIME I.T.?

Silverleaf PRIME I.T. for Business is a unique managed IT service provider (MSP) solution designed for small businesses located in the Los Angeles area.

You can think of us as your company’s local “outsourced IT department”. We provide fast & reliable tech support, professional hardware & software management, and advanced security & protection for your business – all at a fraction of the cost and headaches normally associated with MSPs and freelance techs.

Does my business need ongoing IT service?

Every business is unique, so your answer will depend on many factors such as business size, technical complexity, internal IT expertise, regulatory compliance requirements, and system up-time specifications.

We find that in general, businesses with ten (10) users or more tend to reach a level of size and complexity (as well as a level of dependence on 100% up-time) to justify investing in a professional IT management service.

I just want a one-time fix. Do you offer 'break/fix' hourly billing, or as-needed services?

No. While a ‘break/fix’ service may be acceptable for some very small businesses, we believe that the best way to ensure that your company’s IT systems run smoothly is through proactive, ongoing management and care of your critical IT systems – and with fast & effective support for your users.

We also believe that our billing model and pricing practices should be closely aligned with our goal of making sure your business enjoys as close to 100% up-time as possible.

In other words, we don’t make money when your tech breaks – that’s because our goal is to prevent tech breaks from happening in the first place!

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

New clients may start with a 30-day “Intro”, and are not required to sign a long-term contract right away.

We understand that engaging a new IT service company can feel like a complex and painful process. That’s why we start with a 30-day Intro: over the course of the Intro period, we’ll get to know your company, and you’ll learn how we operate as your outsourced IT department. We start by gathering as much information as we can about your IT environment with a professional network assessment, meet with your users to understand their workflow, and collect technical specifications to begin building our “map” of your IT systems.

Finally, we’ll provide detailed reports on your current IT status, make recommendations for possible changes or hardware/software upgrade projects, and provide an updated quote for ongoing monthly service. If you don’t think PRIME I.T. is the right fit for your business after 30 days, you may cancel your service for any reason – no questions asked!

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing for ongoing IT support, maintenance, and management service is determined by the number of users, the number of computers, and the number of locations in your business – combined into a monthly premium.

What does the monthly premium include? What's NOT included?

The monthly premium includes help and support for your company’s end users via phone, email, or chat, plus 24/7 access to our Help Center.

The monthly premium also includes regular maintenance and management for your existing hardware and software systems, as well as full hardware and software inventory, quarterly business reviews, strategic project consulting, and monthly reporting.

Not included: any new software and/or hardware purchases, moves, adds, or changes (which we refer to collectively as “Implementations”) are not included in the monthly premium, and are instead billed separately as one-time project fees.

(Some service limitations and additional fees may apply if your IT environment contains legacy software applications that are unsupported by their vendors, and/or hardware devices that are out-of-warranty. Please contact us for details.)

Will the monthly premium ever increase (or decrease)?

In general, whenever you add users and/or computers to your business, your monthly premium will increase.

If you subtract users and/or computers, your monthly premium will decrease.

Do you offer discounts on the monthly premium?

Yes! New clients are eligible for savings of up to 50% off their monthly premium with our PRIME I.T. Rewards program.

What is the Rewards program?

Clients who invest in our recommended technology stack and follow our IT best practices guidelines are lest costly for us to support. So we pass our savings along in the form of a reduced monthly premium via our unique PRIME I.T. Rewards program.

The program isn’t just a collection of discounts and incentives: it’s a road map for building a successful business partnership with our clients which is based on solid technology and mutual trust, with the shared goals of maximizing IT reliability and up-time while minimizing IT costs.

Can I combine Rewards (i.e. 'mix and match')?

Absolutely! For example, if a client installs our RMM software (1.5% savings) on their computers, and upgrades to our recommended network solution (5.5% savings), the two categories combine for a total of 7.0% savings.

How can I become eligible for Rewards? Do Rewards ever expire?

A new client’s initial eligibility for each Reward category is determined after completing the 30-day “Intro” period. Rewards and discounts are included with your monthly premium invoice as long as eligibility is maintained.

Rewards do not expire; however a client may become ineligible for a Reward by failing to meet certain eligibility criteria. For example, if a client decided to downgrade their account from a yearly term to a month-to-month term, then the 12-Month Term reward (and 12.0% discount) would be removed from their account.

How do I get started?

New clients may start with Silverleaf PRIME I.T. for Business by getting a quote or contacting us.

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