Silverleaf Prime IT

Managed IT service, support, & maintenance plans for business

Silverleaf Prime IT is a unique managed IT service provider (MSP) solution, designed for the specific needs of small businesses who lack internal IT expertise. We provide outsourced IT management services, and offer professional support for all of your computer hardware, software, and data on a regular monthly basis.

All of our plans feature:

  • Proactive 24/7/365 remote monitoring & maintenance (RMM)
  • Support for all major hardware, software, and cloud vendors
  • Guaranteed response time (or your money-back!)
  • Transparent monthly billing & reporting
  • Secure user access & password management
  • Flexible monthly plan options, no long-term contracts
  • … and more!
Prime IT Support Plans

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Are you still relying on “break-fix”?

Better than break-fix. Instead of following the old-school method of “break-fix” service (which literally means waiting until the network, desktops, server, data backups, or other critical systems break, and then scrambling to fix them), Prime IT helps you take a more proactive and value-added approach to managing your technology.

Proactive, value-added IT management. Relying on break-fix service increases the risk of costly downtime for your business. Another problem with break-fix service is that it doesn’t add any extra value or productivity/efficiency improvements to your business – it simply keeps the ship afloat. With Prime IT, the daily operation and support of your IT infrastructure will be under control, freeing resources for more valuable IT projects that can improve business efficiency and competitiveness.

Less down-time, more reliable IT systems. Today, no business can really afford the risk and uncertainty of relying on break-fix maintenance service because your business is too dependent on having a reliable IT system. Prime IT enable us to reduce your risk of downtime and data loss, complete critical maintenance tasks such as updates and backups, and prevent costly tech problems before they start.

Advanced security and data protection. A company that relies on break-fix service is not receiving the ongoing attention required to protect it’s sensitive business data against the growing volume and sophistication of cyber attacks. With Prime IT, we can help you establish and enforce security best practices, protecting your data against unauthorized access.

Why trust Silverleaf as your Managed IT Service Provider?

Special hourly rates, simple pricing. Many managed IT service providers don’t support small businesses, or they may only offer expensive, “one size fits all” and “unlimited” support packages. Our clients are free to choose the Prime IT package that matches their unique support requirements: with special hourly support rates and flexible billing cycles, our simple per-device pricing model works with nearly any small business budget.

Secure remote support platform. We use industry-leading IT management and reporting software to remotely support your computers, perform ongoing critical maintenance tasks like updates and backups, and provide additional tech support and troubleshooting assistance when needed. We enforce strict internal security policy, and use two-factor authentication (2FA) for all remote login sessions so that your critical data is accessed securely.

Avoid vendor lock-in. Unfortunately, many competing MSPs seize full administrative control of their client’s systems upon signing a maintenance and support contract, creating an undesirable and insecure “vendor lock-in” situation. Blindly trusting the MSP to “just take care of it”, the client has very little oversight on what the MSP is actually doing to their systems – and oftentimes ends up losing control of their own passwords!

You’re in full control. In contrast, Prime IT is built around transparency, security, and trust. Our remote access tools feature full auditing capability, so clients always have full visibility with monthly activity and status reports. Most importantly, we only assume “delegated admin” privileges when accessing your sensitive passwords and data systems – ensuring that you retain full control of your IT assets and passwords at all times.

More Information

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