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Managed IT Services – Plans & Pricing

Silverleaf PRIME I.T. for Business is a unique plan for small businesses looking for professional IT service, management, and support – all for a predictable monthly premium.


  • Managed IT Services: Your computers, users, and critical IT systems are cared for 24/7
  • Month-to-month plan: No annual commitment or long-term contract required
  • Transparent pricing: No surprise charges or other hidden fees
  • Fast response: Reliable help when you need it, response time SLA
Starting at

$499.00 per month

Plus a FREE consultation & assessment

What’s Included?

Silverleaf PRIME I.T. for Business includes:

Remote Support for your Company’s Users
Get tech help when you need it. Our agents are available via phone, email, or chat to respond to your support requests.
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Endpoint Security Software for Workstations
Our robust antivirus software protects your business computers from threats, including malware, viruses, and more.
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Network Management & Maintenance Service
We work proactively to maximize up-time of your critical IT systems, preventing down-time before it happens.
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Response Time Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Our financially-backed response time guarantee ensures that we’ll always respond quickly to your urgent support requests.
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Remote Access for Users to Company Network
Enable your employees to work from home and keep your business running smoothly with our easy-to-use, secure remote access solution.
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Password Management & Secure Documentation
With our secure password vault, documentation process, access controls, and more, you can have confidence in the security of your information with us.
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Third-party IT Service Management & Vendor Liaison
We work with your other tech vendors (Internet Service Providers, telephone/VoIP companies) to ensure maximum service up-time and accountability.
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Project Consulting & Strategic IT Planning Service
We help you plan the replacement of your old technology systems for increased productivity, reliability, and compatibility – while controlling overall IT cost.
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We’ve Got I.T. Covered

With Silverleaf PRIME I.T. for Business, you can rest easy knowing that a team of IT professionals is caring for all of your critical business IT systems:


Firewalls, modems, routers, switches, wireless access points


Computers, desktops, laptops, servers, peripherals, printers


Operating systems, firmware, line of business applications, cloud apps


Files, folders, documents, databases, email, backups

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$499.00 per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Silverleaf PRIME I.T. for Business?

Silverleaf PRIME I.T. for Business is a unique managed IT service solution, designed for small businesses with 1-100 users that are located in the Los Angeles area.

You can think of us as your company’s local “outsourced IT department”. We provide fast & reliable tech support, professional hardware & software management, and advanced security & protection for your business – all at a fraction of the cost and headaches normally associated with MSPs and freelance techs.

Do my business IT systems need ongoing support, maintenenace, and management service?

Every business is unique, so your answer will depend on many factors such as business size, technical complexity, internal IT expertise, regulatory compliance requirements, and system up-time specifications.

We find that businesses with at least 5 users or more tend to reach a level of size and complexity (as well as a level of dependence on 100% up-time) to justify investing in a professional IT management service.

I just want a one-time fix. Do you offer 'break/fix' hourly billing, or as-needed services?

No. While a ‘break/fix’ service may be acceptable for some very small businesses, we believe that the best way to ensure that your company’s IT systems run smoothly is through proactive, ongoing management and care of your critical IT systems – and with fast & effective support for your users.

We also believe that our billing model and pricing practices should be closely aligned with our goal of making sure your business enjoys as close to 100% up-time as possible.

In other words, we don’t offer “break/fix” service because we don’t make money when your tech breaks!

In fact, one of our main goals is to prevent tech breaks from happening in the first place.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

New clients may start with a month-to-month plan, and are not required to sign a long-term contract right away.

We understand that engaging a new IT service company can feel like a complex and painful process. That’s why we recommend that all new clients start with a month-to-month plan, and to think of their first month as a “30-Day Trial” period.

Over the course of the Trial period, we’ll get to know your company, and you’ll learn how we operate as your outsourced IT department. We start by gathering as much information as we can about your IT environment with a professional network assessment, meet with your users to understand their workflow, and collect technical specifications to begin building our “map” of your IT systems.

Finally, we’ll provide detailed reports on your current IT status, make recommendations for possible changes or hardware/software upgrade projects, and provide an updated quote for ongoing monthly service. If you don’t think Silverleaf PRIME I.T. for Business is the right fit for your business at the end of 30 days, you may cancel service for any reason – no strings attached!

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing for ongoing IT support, maintenance, and management service is determined by the number of users, the number of endpoint computers, the number of locations in your business, and the number of on-premises server computers located at your business (not in the cloud), all combined into a predictable monthly premium.

What does the monthly premium include? What's NOT included?

The monthly premium includes help and support for your company’s end users via phone, email, or chat, plus 24/7 access to our Help Center (Remote Support).

The monthly premium also includes regular maintenance and management for your existing hardware and software systems, as well as full hardware and software inventory, quarterly business reviews, strategic project consulting, and monthly reporting.

Not included in the monthly premium: any new software and/or hardware purchases, moves, adds, or changes (which we refer to collectively as “Implementations”). Projects are instead quoted and billed separately as one-time project fees.

Some other service limitations and additional fees may apply if your IT environment contains legacy software applications that are unsupported by their vendors, and/or hardware devices that are out-of-warranty. Please contact us for details.

Will the monthly premium ever increase (or decrease)?

In general, whenever you add users and/or computers to your business, your monthly premium will increase.

If you subtract users and/or computers, your monthly premium will decrease.

How do I get started?

New clients may start with Silverleaf PRIME I.T. for Business by getting an instant quote on our website, or by contacting us.

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