How We Do IT

Small business IT is unique, so we’ve developed a unique process for consistently delivering outstanding customer service and IT solutions that are specialized for your small business.

If you’ve ever tried to get IT support for your small business, you know that it can be hard to find help that is reliable, affordable, and professional.

We make IT easy. How do we do IT? Our process consists of a few basic steps.

Step 1: Technical Assessment

We start at your location to:

  • Meet with you to learn your business needs and wants
  • Evaluate current system strength and limitations
  • Schedule a Proposal appointment prior to leaving

Step 2: Proposal Creation

With information gathered from your assessment, our engineers create a custom three option Proposal that accounts for all of your needs and wants. Their process includes:

  • Sourcing all hardware, software, and peripheral equipment necessary
  • Rough system design
  • Guestimation of labor hours

Step 3: Three Option Proposal Appointment

We meet and select the best option for your business. Depending on the option selected, a deposit will be required prior to creation of the scope of work.

Step 4: Planning

Once the deposit has been received, our engineers will create a scope of work with expected timelines.

  • Scope of work – a clear communication document between Silverleaf and the client that outlines responsibilities for both parties, hardware/software/peripherals, and timeline responsibilities. This document establishes required down times and hours of project Implementation
  • Purchase new hardware, software, and peripheral equipment
  • If necessary, a planning appointment with the client may be scheduled for larger Projects

Step 5: Implementation

Once your Project Plan and hardware are ready, we schedule the start of your Project Implementation. Implementation typically take 3-10 days to complete, depending on the complexity of your Project, and involves planned downtime and making changes to your systems.

Step 6: Support & Maintenance

Once your Project is completed, you’ll have full access to our IT support service which includes:

  • Remote support service
  • Discounted on-site support
  • Maintenance, updates, network monitoring, anti-virus licensing, cloud app management, and more!

More Information

Want to speak with a specialist from our team? Give us a call or send us an email. We provide complimentary phone and/or onsite consultations for new clients, so don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us!