Hardware & Software Upgrades

Are your business IT systems overdue for an upgrade (or two)?

If it’s been 5, 10, or even 15 years your last hardware or software upgrade, then your business probably isn’t running as efficiently (or securely) as it could be – but the professionals at Silverleaf can help with our Project Planning & Implementation service.

In a small business, it is tempting to buy new equipment (or software) without having thought about how it will be installed. However, attempting to install a new piece of hardware or software without a full understanding of how it may affect your existing IT systems can be risky: you don’t want your entire business network to come to a stop as five people try to install a new scanner ‘just like the one we have at home’!

It is hard to get to where you are going if you don’t have a roadmap to get there, and it’s important to carefully plan before implementation decisions are made – you need to know what hardware/software to get, how to set it up, or how it will affect the rest of your IT environment.

That’s why the professional engineering team at Silverleaf can make sure that you have a direction of what your IT needs to do, how this is to be achieved, and when it will be done with our Project Planning & Implementation Process.

Project Planning & Implementation Process

Our process consists of a few basic steps:

  1. Project Assessment: We will gather technical specifications, identify possible incompatibilities, and discuss the requirements for a new Project. In this initial phase, our goal is to recommend a Project with a compelling business case that creates value (usually in time savings from increased reliability, and/or cost savings due to increased efficiency).
  2. Proposal & Recommendation: Based on what we discover from your Project Assessment, we’ll recommend options for one or more Project(s). Your Project options will be clearly spelled out in a written proposal and estimate.
  3. Planning: The Project begins with your paid deposit and approved proposal. This is where we do further research and planning of the implementation, to help minimize downtime. We’ll help you purchase any new hardware and/or software required.
  4. Executing. This is the Project phase when actual changes are made to your IT systems, and is carefully scheduled around your company and users’ availability to minimize possible down-time.
  5. Monitoring/Closing. We make sure that your new hardware and/or software is functioning well, and apply any tweaks or adjustments as required.

Project Examples

Some examples of common Project Implementations include:

  • New computer/user setup
  • Email migration and configuration
  • Backup & disaster recovery (BDR) setup
  • Network & Wi-Fi hardware upgrade
  • Server upgrade & migration
  • Onboarding for new clients

Generally speaking, any new hardware/software additions, moves, and changes to your existing IT systems are performed as a Project Implementation.

More information

Project Implementation service is available to PRIME I.T. for Business clients. See Plans & Pricing for details, or contact us for more information.