Cyber Monday – Free Tech Tips, Discounted Support, E-waste Recycling

Cyber Monday is here, and online retailers are scrambling for customers by offering discounts, promotions, and “exclusive” deals on every device imaginable. With so many tablets, laptops, desktops, accessories, and specifications to consider, shopping online for the latest tech can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be!

Since the focus of Silverleaf is professional technology consulting, my goal this holiday season is to make sure that my clients make informed technology purchasing decisions – AND that they get a great deal on follow up support.


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Customer Relationship Management: A Social Network in a Box


There’s way more to strong, effective branding than designing a memorable logo, and then advertising it everywhere.

Developing a relationship with the public, and then carefully building that relationship over time, is the most essential part of any successful brand management strategy. As the manager of the Silverleaf brand, I’m always looking for creative ways to reach out to the public in a positive manner: so I set out to build my own “customer relationship management” (CRM) system!

In this blog post, I’ll explore some of the success (and failures) I’ve experienced in my quest to develop the perfect CRM solution.

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My Visit to K4RK


After the success of our K4RK Donation Drive, my friend Scott and I gathered up all of the computers that were donated, put them in the back of his pickup truck, and drove to the main Komputers 4 R Kids facility in Cerritos to complete the last step of the donation drive process.

Here’s our photo journal of the visit:

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