DDoS Attacks: Securing Your Connected Home and IoT Devices

By now, chances are you’ve probably heard about the massive cyber attack against a major U.S. internet company that occurred on Friday, October 21, 2016.

The DDoS attack brought down large parts of the web and was one of the biggest on record. Now many people are now asking: who was responsible?

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Media Professional Builds a New Custom PC

Client Name: John J.
Service Details: Home client, in-shop project
Problem and Request: Professional graphics and sound editor needed a powerful PC to run graphics-intensive apps like Adobe Premier and Adobe Photoshop (plus occasional 3D gaming) using the latest available CPU, RAM, graphics, and storage.

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New Computer Setup – Buy a Computer the Right Way!

After several requests from clients in the past few days, I’ve officially added a new service to the repertoire, which can be viewed at the accompanying page here: Silverleaf New Computer Setup.

Click the image below for more information. In a nutshell, this service involves:

  • FULL setup service for on-site setup, in-shop pick-up, or shipping any new PC.
  • FREE e-waste disposal of your old system
  • FREE consultation and estimate on the perfect PC for any use and budget.
  • Install critical software updates.
  • Install anti-virus software protection.
So if you’re looking to buy a new computer for your home or office, and you’re not really sure what to get or how to set it up properly, contact me for help!