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*Down-time: any technology or IT-related failure that disrupts users’ ability to work, and/or a negatively affects a company’s ability to generate revenue. Down-time can be caused by a number of problems including computer hardware failure, software errors, data deletion/corruption, malware/ransomware, user error, and network outages.

**Reliance on IT Systems: an approximation (expressed as a percentage) of how sensitive a company is to down-time. For example, a company with 50% reliance could still operate at half capacity in the event of a serious IT failure or extended down-time.

***Up-Time Objective: depending on your company’s size, revenue, and reliance on IT systems, even a small increase in up-time (and decrease in down-time) can have a significant financial impact. While 100% up-time isn’t possible, you can maximize your company’s up-time by upgrading your hardware/software systems, having fast & effective support, and performing regular testing & maintenance.

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