Live Chat Re-launch

Building on our upgraded website platform, we’ve added another new feature that will improve the customer experience: live chat!

Now you can call us, email us, or send us a quick message via the integrated live chat widget on our website (see it at the bottom-right?).

Live chat widget on

The messaging app works about the same as SMS text messaging (but without the need to publish a personal cell phone number) and is simple to use from a desktop or mobile phone web browser.

HubSpot live chat app

HubSpot live chat software is what we’re using here on

The chat app is described by it’s developers:

Chat with visitors, prospects, and customers in real time.

Today’s buyers want information — and they want it now. Use live chat to automatically connect chatters to the right people on your team: Route customer inquiries to your services team, and pass leads to the salesperson who owns that relationship.

Easily customize your chat widget to match the look and feel of your brand, and create targeted welcome messages for different web pages or segments of your audience so you can connect with the site visitors who matter — right when they’re most engaged.

Every conversation gets automatically saved and stored in your conversations inbox and on the contact’s timeline so your team has complete context and a crystal clear view of every interaction.

HubSpot is a solid, widely-used platform with advanced features, there’s a free version, and it works on multiple platforms. The chat app is especially useful for helping visitors on our website when they get “stuck” and need to ask a question.

More importantly, it lets us keep all of our customer-facing communications on one unified platform. The days of having separate marketing, sales, support, and chat apps are over!

Faster than a phone call or e-mail

In the tech support business, a live chat app is the preferred communication tool in many situations where people have questions about our products and services.

For example, if a potential new customer arrives on our site and they have a question about our services, they need a quick way to get an answer.

Sending a live chat request is in many cases the fastest and easiest way to get that answer, compared with alternatives such as spending time navigating the website looking for information, making a phone call, or sending an e-mail and awaiting a response.

More than just chat

HubSpot has advanced analytics tracking built in, allowing us to see how visitors are navigating our website and which page they initiated the live chat request from – in near-real time. Through the use of cookies, it can also “remember” website visitors and save past chat history.

This type of visitor and user data is extremely valuable for measuring how our website is performing, and for identifying problem areas and bottlenecks on our site. Collecting “pre-chat” form data also lets us follow up with return visitors who are looking for more info, or who are ready make a purchase.

(if this kind of data collection sounds a little freaky, don’t worry, it’s normal. The majority of tech companies nowadays have this kind of tracking ability enabled across their website(s) and services. If any of this makes you uncomfortable, try reading the Google Privacy Policy some time! Welcome to the post-Snowden era.)


Try it out! Open a new live chat session now to say “hello”, give feedback, or to ask us a tech question.