NAS Shared Storage for Home Office

Client Name: Shelley S.
Service Details: Business client, on-site support
Problem and Request: A home based business with a legacy CAD (computer-aided design) application needed to replace their old computers with new desktop PCs, and was looking for a better shared storage solution and network upgrade.

Solution and Result: While the new PC set and transfer of data from the old PCs was a fairly straightforward process, the client’s slow Wi-Fi network and habit of using an old laptop as a file server presented some challenges.

We recommended connecting the home office’s two PCs to the network via Ethernet, which would enable the client to transfer large CAD files much faster than over Wi-Fi. We ran standard Cat 5e cables through the office, terminated them with RJ45 Ethernet connectors, and hard-wired each PC for maximum network speed and reliability.

We also purchased and installed a new NAS (network attached storage) drive to act as a fast and reliable shared file server. The client’s new NAS (pictured with cover removed) shipped without any hard drives, so we chose a pair of quality 2 TB (terabyte) SATA 6 Gb/s drives installed in a hybrid RAID 1 configuration: this protects against data loss if one of the paired drives fails.

After tweaking the legacy CAD app a bit and changing some administrative and access controls, the client is now able to store all of their large CAD files on the NAS and quickly access them from any network-connected PC.