Replacing Failed iMac Drive Plus Upgrades

Client Name: Monica F.
Service Details: Home client, in-shop support
Problem and Request: Client had an iMac that was a few years old and was failing to boot to the OS X desktop, and she did not have a backup copy of her data.

Solution and Result: Client dropped of her computer for a free diagnostic. We determined that a failing hard drive was the cause of the boot problem, and recommended data recovery service and an upgrade to a new solid state drive (SSD) plus an upgrade from 4 GB of RAM to the maximum 8 GB of RAM. The result was a fully-functioning iMac that performed much faster because of the hardware upgrades with most of the client’s data intact, delivered back to the client in 2 business days.

Author: Kevin S.

Kevin Sanders is a Los Angeles native who has worked in tech support and customer service since 2000. He specializes in professional IT consulting, cloud technology, cyber security, networking and Wi-Fi, hardware/software diagnostics and repair, and custom systems building.