Photos From Backside Collection Event


(Used computers that were contributed this weekend at Backside to support the Komputers 4 R Kids Donation Drive)

Thanks For Your Support!

Our “e-waste collection event” over the weekend was a success! Thanks to some generous donations, we were able to collect 6 desktop computers, 7 laptop computers, and 3 all-in-one computers, plus assorted peripherals, cables, and devices.

These used electronics could have remained sitting in closets or garages for years to come, (or worse, ended up in our landfills!) but will instead be refurbished and/or recycled as part of our Komputers 4 R Kids Donation Drive.

A special thanks goes out to the owners and crew at Backside for generously offering 40% off store merchandise in support of K4RK, and for hosting and promoting the event. Thanks Backside!

We will be accepting all donations of used electronics through the month of March. Additionally, anybody who donates qualifies for a x10 chance to win a Google Nexus 10 tablet when they enter our K4RK Donation Drive Giveaway.

Thanks again to everyone who helped with this event!

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