2012 Re-Launch Site v2.0

I’ve been making some changes to my site. While it’s always going to be a work-in-progress, I’ve changed so many things that I’m just going to go ahead and call it:


(click here to view Old site v1.8 JPEG)

The Home page, sidebars, and navigation menus have had a major overhaul, and plans for improving content and page performance even further are underway!

Here’s a screenshot of what the development process looks like in WordPress (specifically, what it looks like to write this post):

WordPress is a great a blogging platform, and the basics of posting to a blog aren’t that hard to learn.

In addition to powering the popular blogging site WordPress.com (#18 site in the world currently), the content management system (CMS) developed by the folks at WordPress.org is a robust web design platform supported by a thriving development community.

This community provides a huge selection of free plugins, which can be installed into the main framework to add functionality (not unlike the apps you install onto your iPad or Android device). With a “theme” plugin, and/or a bit of CSS/HTML/PHP knowledge to get the layout right, custom sites can be built and updated with relative ease.

For anyone looking to make a basic blog site with plenty of options for customization, check out www.wordpress.org!

Author: Kevin S.

Kevin is a Los Angeles native who has worked in tech support and customer service since 2000. He specializes in professional IT consulting, web technology, cyber security, networking and Wi-Fi, and business computer systems integration.